Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Menu... and the Day After

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving was all I hoped it would be! Me, Mrs. Bullfrog, and the tadpoles spent most of the morning at home preparing a dessert dish and doing some general picking up in preparation for my Father-in-law.

Once the dish was ready, we headed to my wife's in-laws, who happen to be Filipino, and were greeted with a traditional American menu:

Turkey, ham, stuffing, smashed 'taters, yams, and rolls.

But it didn't end there. Much to my delight and expectation, they had also prepared some Filipino dishes:

Pansit (fried noodles with veggies and chicken) and "gramma" was busy in the kitchen making pork lumpia, which is a fried egg roll. She loaded it with pork and garlic and served it with a spicy sweet and sour sauce which was a perfect accompaniment. She then proceed to laugh at me when I started perspiring due to the spiciness. To me, food is spicy enough when you are eating with one hand, and dabbing your forehead with the other.

Of course there were many desserts like lemon meringue (not a HUGE fan, but I sampled it), pumpkin pie, raspberry cheesecake, fruit salad, and the absolute most delicious: Mrs. Bullfrog's double-layer pumpkin cheesecake, with a Pecan Sandie crust and caramel glaze. She makes this all from scratch, and varies the crust between graham cracker and this latest experiment of crushed Pecan Sandie cookies which was excellent. On request, I may be able to talk her into sharing so I can post the recipe here.

As if that weren't enough eating, we also decided to make food the day after Thanksgiving for family that were traveling to see us. Here is what we prepared:

BBQ Spareribs (recipe to follow shortly), homemade BBQ sauce courtesy of the Mrs., Bratwurst grilled and boiled in beer and grilled onions (they love a good jacuzzi), and a candied pecan, bleu cheese and apple-pear salad that was amazing! This was accompanied by chocolate-dipped fruit and another double-layer pumpkin cheesecake.

We cooked all day and everyone really enjoyed the food and the company, so I would call it a raging success!

Now we have some walking to do to burn off all this good grub!


Beth said...

I want to come to your family's Thanksgiving next year, everything sounds delicious!

Patrick M said...

Now I'm getting hungry again. There's nothing like something different when there's a 'standard fare' for the day. We did the standard. Except our turkey (and ham) were smoked (and really good) and I did my magic and turned the cranberry marshmallow salad on its side as is my wont. Too bad the whipped cream broke down in a day on it.

BTW, there is nothing that is too hot.

Now get up the recipies!

Bullfrog said...

Beth: It all turned out well and everyone was pleased. Good fellowship and good food is hard to beat!

Patrick: The rib recipe is up and the Beerwurst & Onions is on the way. I am smoking some pork with an experimental new rub as we speak and, depending on how it turns out, I will post that as well.

I have been threatening to smoke a turkey for some time now. Any suggestions on technique?

Dave Miller said...

On smoking a turkey, always light it with a match and make sure you are smoking in a public building in California as that is illegal.

Bullfrog said...

Dave: LOL! I should have seen that one coming...

Patrick M said...

I have no suggestion on smoking turkey, as I didn't smoke the one we had. I really haven't gone past doing the turkey in the oven the old-fashioned way (with a bag).

I plan to do that for Thursday. Because I can.